Stylizers team up with TK MAXX!

“The Stylizers team offered a professional service that tapped into personal style of TK Maxx customers. They encouraged shoppers to consider new styles and gave fantastic advice to suit all the shoppers’ individual needs. Stylizers helped our TK Maxx customer step out of their comfort zone with confidence. Look out for Stylizers at more store openings in the UK!”

To launch the new Galaxy phone for the London Olympics Stylizers were asked by Samsung to give one lucky winner a two day makeover she would never forget.

Here’s what she had to say .

” After hearing that I had won a make over competition, I was both excited and nervous about my makeover weekend. As soon as I made eye contact with Ronke she immediately sensed my nerves and went full power in to ensuring I felt happy and relaxed. She has a really strong ability to make you feel totally at ease, dare to try styles and clothing you wouldn’t normally, and, ultimately, make you feel sure of yourself and the body you have.

2 days of hair, make-up, shopping and a photo shoot makes this woman a marvel at organisation. I look back over the two days and still can’t quite believe what was achieved in that time. I was incredibly happy with the outcome of the make over and the new wardrobe I got to walk away with.

I would recommend Ronke and her company to anyone at the drop of a hat.

Thank you Ronke – You made me feel beautiful.” Check out the winners pictures on our makeover gallery page!

“The Stylizers team offered a professional service and personal style to the winning artists on the Talent UK programme. Stylizers supported the programme throughout assisting and supporting the young people to further their careers in the Music and Fashion industries. They encouraged our artists to consider new styles and gave fantastic advice to enhance their image. Ronke went out of her way to assist in the project offering one-to-one service to our winning artists, no task was too big and Stylizers have been a credible and reliable sponsor for Talent UK. We would like to say a big thank you to Ronke and the Stylizers team”- Sharlene, Aspire4u CIC   

Stylizers is a professional, friendly and extremely efficient service , most importantly for they gave excellent styling advice to those who attended the Style Pod at BATH IN FASHION 2013 .We hope to be able to work with you again sometime – please contact us again for Bath in Fashion 2014 , all the very best , Les at Bath BID – Project Manager

Mark – Plymouth

‘ Thank you so much for the great day in Bristol. The Fabulous in 3 hours was exactly what I needed. My stylist was so professional and helped with all my outfits and stuck to my budget of £250. I still can’t believe how much I got on my budget… ‘

Sara – London

‘Thank you so much for a wonderful inspiring most probably life changing experience.  I really feel liberated.

Robyn – New Zeland

Thank you so much for all the advice you gave me at my wardrobe session.
I was very impressed on your professional take, it gave me many ideas on how to get more from my existing wardrobe, and I loved how you suggested alterations to make my clothes work, rather than to buy all new. It was an absolute pleasure and also very good fun to have you in my home. I took your advice, and made some key purchases in the January Sales… I told all the assistants at the Mary Portas shop, and they were most interested. I will certainly recommend your service to others.

James Flanden – Northampton

‘ After looking at loads of other companies I decided on Stylizers.. I didnt think I would be able to go shopping with a stylist but I am so glad I did… My wardrobe was so rubbish and I have since had a promotion at work and a few dates with my new image. Thanks Stylizers!’

Janice Symalye- Leicester

‘People are already starting to comment on my outfits and colours!! I feel amazing!. Thanks so much Stylizers.’

Emily Jones- St Albans

‘I’m so pleased I purchased the ‘Wardrobe Revamp’ package. Ronke made 32 outfits out of all my old clothes… I also go sent a style guide with all the outfit pictures and ideas of what I should go and purchase.
I’ve now purchased the shopping trip package and am looking forward to starting the New Year with a New image!’

Rebecca Ramden- Dorset

‘My day with Ronke was great. She listened to my body hang ups and fashion concerns and looked at the styles I liked. She then suggested some fab outfits to flatter my fiqure in styles liked and even got me to into outfits and colours I would never have previously considered- and they look great on me ! I feel much more confident with what I wear now and more adventurous. The style guide is amazing.. So in-depth over 10 pages.. !! Thanks so much Stylizers xx’

Marion – Woodford

‘Just wanted to say a big thank you to you for making my sister’s day so special yesterday. She had a fantastic time, loved all her purchases and feels confident that she can choose the right clothes for her in the future. She was really excited about the whole day and said it was the best present you she could ever have!’

Simon – Leeds

“As an alpha male, business professional, I found the stylist experience/ style me over package to be hugely beneficial. Not only was it an efficient, cost effective way to renew my wardrobe, but the advice and direction given by my stylist has had an impact on my presence in both a work and personal life setting.

Suffice to say, creating a right impression is important for my work and I am indebted to the stylist for the help she has given. Comments from
friends and colleagues abound so the impact is hugely positive, and immediate. I suspect that I will be using the Stylist at intervals when my wardrobe gets tired. I am even considering the experience for my family too for the confidence it brings. A massive thank you.”

Jenna -North London

‘ Thanks so much for all of your help and for really inspiring me! I love wearing heals now!! (which I never thought I had the confidence to do). I love wearing colours and feel great everyday I leave the house.’

Mary ; Birmingham

“I bought the full day makeover including haircut and makeover and I think it has been the best money I ever spent. The most useful bit was going through my wardrobe, with my Stylizers suggestions of how to wear existing pieces I already had with just an added accessory or two, and that pieces I thought were out of fashion still had lots of life in them. It became clear that I had lapsed into safe taupes, greys and blacks and whites, with just one or two coloured things. My stylist took a lot of trouble to identify my existing taste and style and anything she suggested throughout the day built on that, adding a bit of extra umph!

I had such a lovely time and have enjoyed being a bit bolder, and now look out for colour and shapes and styles that suit me. We bought a so many key pieces which can be mixed and matched with pieces I already had.
But the thing I’m most excited about is actually that already I can see my beloved pieces I had put away are coming into their own again because I’ve got the right bits to go with them. Shoes were a particular problem, but not any more! I can’t wait to wear my outfits now. I have had so many comments about what I wear, and the fantastic haircut just sets everything off.

I really appreciate the time my stylist has taken putting my look together and all the extra effort she put into my guide and would firmly recommend Stylizers’ services, it’s definitely money well spent!”

Kay 41 London

“The whole Stylizer experience was really fun and worth every penny from start to finish. My stylist, started by reviewing my wardrobe and wasn’t at all judgmental as I’d thought might be the case. She was really passionate about what she does and seemed to genuinely enjoy the shopping experience and picking out pieces that would build on my existing wardrobe, plus some great new pieces and accessories. I was thrilled with the number and quality of pieces my stylist found for me within my budget. A bonus on top of all this was that Stylizers also followed up with a written style guide with tips on colours that suited me, styles I should consider in future, and how to mix and match and accessorise different pieces within my wardrobe. I’ve been taking her advice and have felt great in the resulting look every day that I’ve walked out the door since. I’d definitely recommend Stylizers and plan to book in again for my next wardrobe update.”

Shazia; High Wycombe

“Stylizers provides a very good service. Even if you think you are pretty good at shopping and maintaining your wardrobe, stylizers will force you to throw out that greying t-shirt or the old fashioned skirt that youre keeping! The shopping experience is fantastic. It’s so nice to have someone whizz around picking things out for you and although some thing may seem a bit out there at first, Ronke clearly knows what she is talking about. There are items we bought that I was convinced I would take back that have now become firm favourites! An amazing and great fun day out with a true expert!”

Teresa Redondo-Lopez, Chiswick W4

My day with Ronke has been a great experience in all senses. From the moment Ronke came into the house and we went through the wardrobe I could tell this was a great decision.

She went through my existing wardrobe thoroughly and lead me through the shopping day smoothly. She was incredibly professional and discreet throughout the day and she made me feel at easy and totally comfortable while trying on things that I wouldn’t have picked up before in shops I would have not gone into otherwise..She even stayed with me for an additional hour until she was happy I had everything!

It was great fun and the results speak for themselves. I have a whole new wardrobe with endless combinations of outfits at a very reasonable price. Everybody has been complementing me ever since, from work colleagues to my four year old daughter.

Thoroughly recommend it!!

Michelle from Birmingham

Thanks so much for the Style Guide- it’s great!
I just wish I’d done this all years ago, but it’s never too late I guess, and I’ll make sure I follow the tips in future. Thanks so much Stylizers.’

Lisa from OXFORD

September 2009
I just wanted to thank Ronke for the most amazing day. My Mother is still talking about it with a big smile on her face and telling anyone who will listen. She had such a wonderful day, and was very nervous to start with but Ronke made her relax and she enjoyed everything about her day. More importantly the clothes she brought look fantastic on her when she got off the train to meet my Dad (in one of her new outfits of course) my Dad said she looked like a different women, I think that’s not just down to the new clothes but the confidence she got from the experience. My Mum has already been through her wardrobe and cleared out anything that she now believes is not suitable for her and is planning her next shopping trip for new additions using the tips and advice given to her. Thank you so much again for your expertise/kindness and making it a day my Mum will never forget. My Mum wants to send a big special thank you (she hasn’t mastered the use of e-mail)
I would recommend your company to anyone!

Jane from Devon

June 2009
‘Thank you once again for a warm, friendly and well managed shopping day on Saturday. It certainly ticked all my boxes of expectation and more!! I’m thrilled with my purchases, especially having new underwear.
It was a very fun day and educational, and I would be more than happy to recommend you and your services’.

Amy – London

‘I said in my profile, I’d used a personal shopper last year who helped me get lots and lots of clothes that were all “on trend” but I was never really
convinced by them and threw at least half the clothes away at the end of the season because they looked tired or worn out, which to me was a complete waste of money.

I was really nervous this time but needn’t have been. It was a completely different experience. My stylist seemed to understand completely what I was looking for and we spent time concentrating on a few key pieces that will, hopefully, last me for a few years and supplemented this with some good basics. I’ve now got some really elegant clothes that I LOVE and all within my budget. Really, really pleased with the end result.’

Ginny ; Times online

“Spending a day shopping with Ronke was like shopping with an old friend – after telling her about my wardrobe and what I wanted to acheive she found some great clothes and accessories that complimented what I already have but also gave my wardrobe the colour injection it desperately needed. Ronke picked clothes off the rail I would never have chosen and I was amazed when they looked good on me. The experience has rejuvenated my interest in fashion and when I leave the house now I feel confident, and at work I feel smart but stylish – just the look I was trying to achieve”.

Dr S ;Luton

“I purchased the “Style me over” package. My day started with Ronke arriving at my home at 9.30am. We started straight away by going through my wardrobe deciding which clothes I needed and what I didn’t need. Ronke took pictures and notes of what I had in my wardrobe so a shopping list could be put together before my shopping trip. As I’m a Doctor I needed smart casual but professional outfits which were all assessed before we left for Oxford Street.

We had a great lunch and begun shopping. We bought some really cost effective and essential items all of which I did not own.

We went to lots of shops and tried on allot clothes, but all the time Ronke explained how to wear each item with what I currently own and had brought that day .She spoke to me about colours, cuts and styles which suit my personality , skintone and lifestyle. After getting everything from the shopping list we traveled to Paul Edmonds in Knightsbridge, the staff was so friendly and professional. My treatments included a relaxing facial massage, a hair cut and hair restyle.

I really enjoyed my day, Ronke was extremely helpful, friendly and definitely very experienced Stylizer.

A few days later I received my personal guild with notes of what I could wear in casual, professional occasions, also received phone calls and e-mails from Stylizers to make sure everything ok.

I truly appreciate Stylizers help and highly recommend them, there well worth the money”

Kat ; North London

“My husband surprised me with a Full Day Shopping Experience for my 40th birthday. Having finally lost weight after three children, most
of my clothes were tired and either too big or too small – plus I needed a fabulous outfit for my birthday party. My stylist was firm but kind in her assessment of my clothes, and I did not throw away anything I didn’t already think should be going out. We were left with some good pieces and a rather large shopping list! We hit Oxford St and visited high street shops that I would never have gone into as I just thought there wouldn’t be clothes for me in there.
Stylizers has helped me to know what colours suit me and what shapes suit my figure. I now have a colourful and coordinated basic clothes wardrobe and I have the skills to add creatively to it – shopping is a different experience now! I receive comments almost every day about my clothes and how great I look. Thanks Stylizers – I am looking forward to our winter shop together!”

Phillippa; St Albans

“Going through my existing wardrobe was both rewarding and reassuring. It was nice that she was able to make some very positive comments on existing clothes that I had got out of the habit of wearing whilst confirming my thoughts about ones that needed to go!
Shopping for clothes is not usually a pleasant experience. It was so pleasant to go into a shop knowing exactly what style to look for and then find not just one, but several, items that actually fitted and looked good on me! Dressing for work this week has taken on a new dimension – I’ve actually been thinking about what to wear and have been accessorising with my new jewellery, plus rejuvenating some of the old.”

Nicky; Manchester

“Shopping with Ronke is like shopping with your best friend. Ronke has a really personable style that made me relax straight away and before I knew it I was talking ten to the dozen about clothes I liked and situations I never know how to dress for. Ronke then used great analogies to help me understand what best suited me – this to me was the key to my new wardrobe, which is now full of colour ready for the summer months.
I have already recommended Ronke to a friend and I will continue to do so – a great days shopping with a friend and a new wardrobe to boot!”

Nicola; Notting Hill

“I contacted Stylizers as I had a special occasion coming up, and it was imperative I looked my best. The Stylizers are a kind and reassuring team. After a wardrobe and lifestyle analysis, we had a quick bite to eat, before heading downtown to Oxford Street to get down to business.
Shopping for me is usually a tiresome and frustrating experience, but Ronke it turned into a very easy one; my Stylizer did all the hard work whilst I tried on new styles. The day was also an education for me.
Ronke put in a huge effort in order to ensure I was equipped with all the right items, and that I kept to my budget”.

Tonbridge ; Ally

“Dear Stylizers
I just wanted to thank you very much for yesterday I had a fantastic day and it was probably the first time I have really enjoyed shopping in a long time. The ‘style me over’ package was ideal.

My hair is fantastic and just below chin length and I feel 10yrs younger which in my new clothes, all my friends have also said the same thing. My husband loved it all and so do I .

Once again thank you so much it was just what I needed and it has made me feel really good about myself.”

Margerat; Aberdeen

“I just want to say a big Thank you to Stylizers for transforming my life. I now feel I can shop on my own and look great in anything, as I know the right styles and colours to wear.
Thank you so much Stylizers!”

Zoë ;East London

“I spent a wonderful afternoon with Stylizer on Regent Street.
She was absolutely spot on with her advice and the clothes we bought were exactly the ones I would have chosen had I had the confidence to go in the shop and try them on in the first place. (Which I hadn‘t).
She couldn’t be further away from the duo TV Style Consultants stereotypical image i.e. she helps you pick clothes which fit and flatter without any resorting to pseudo psychology or tears and tantrums. She also gives lots of practical advice and tips whilst making the whole experience fun. I would definitely recommend Stylizers to anyone.”


“I was passing through London and wanted to get some outfits for the summer, and having not much faith in my shopping ability thought I would enlist the help of a stylist to make the most of my time and try and revamp my style! Shopping with Ronke was great as she was could quickly pick out what would work for me and could make a quick decision when I tried something on if something worked or not. She also kept me away from my usual black and showed me that colours could be mixed with each other! She gave some excellent style advice and I got an almost a whole summer’s wardrobe in one morning of shopping. Afterwards I felt confident enough to buy some shoes and things that we didnt have time to get as she gave me some ideas and afterwards sent me my own “style book”. Just as well I only had a morning, we couldnt have carried much more! I would recommend Ronke to anyone who doesnt have much confidence in picking clothes themselves, or needs help getting the most out of a shopping trip in London!’

Nicole; East Dulwich

“I am so pleased with my new purchases and have had lots of complimentary
comments from friends and colleagues. Thank you for a great and incredibly
useful day – I have certainly picked up some tips which I will apply to shopping
trips in the future! Thanks also for the follow up notes – a great “refresher” and something I will refer back to again and again.”

Sophie ; Staines

“We went up to Oxford Street where I got to try on lots of lovely clothes. My Stylizer encouraged me to try on lots of bright v-neck jumpers which go with my skin colour and body shape so well. I ended up buying a very bright blue v-neck jumper and a 1960’s style dress among other things. The whole day was very enjoyable and educational and I have learnt so much about accessorizing. I have now followed her advice and purchased a set of sparkly head bands which are not an item I would normally think of buying, but go exceptionally well with my outfits and hair. I must have the best wardrobe at university.”

Sarah; Manchester

“Having the Stylizer Full day personal shopping package has been a dream come true. A Stylizer arrived at my home and went through all my old things which I have wanted to part with for years. She talked to me about colours, styles and trends that will suit my body shape.
As a pear shape I find it hard to get things to fit but on our shopping trip we brought so many amazing things. ..At such little cost. I had a budget to keep and my Stylizer made sure we spent nothing more…
I have now recommended STYLIZERS to all my friends and Family and shall defiantly be having another shopping trip, maybe next time with a PAMPER Package…Thanks Stylizers”

Tina; Leeds

“I couldn’t believe that services like this actually existed … but I’m so happy I choose Stylizers to help me get out of WEARING NOTHING BUT BLACK lifestyle.
I booked the ‘Style Me Over’ Package, but had the experience tailor made for me and where I live.
I felt like a true Movie Star, my own personal Stylizer transforming my image. My Stylizer has helped me so much and I have much more confidence…”

James; Croydon

“After years of living in Spain to return to the UK was a shock to the system. I called on Stylizers to help me get back on track for interviews, and just everyday wear.. My Stylizer arrived at my home and talked to me about styles and trends (I had a choice between a male or female Stylizer).. Learning about all the colours that suit me was a real eye opener. I had a fantastic Lunch (complimentary from Stylizers) and then we moved on to the shops…
Shopping with Stylizers not only saved me hours of headache but also a great deal of money.
A quick and easy way to be transformed.”

James; Kent

Our Stylist was fantastic with the girls on Saturday, she really delivered and did both herself and you proud. My two had such a good day, thank you so much they thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience (they could not stop talking about it the whole evening and for most of Sunday). I will defiantly be recommending you to any distressed males who don\’t know what present to give their wives, daughters, girlfriends for Birthday\’s or XMas. Thanks from the girls and from me for making their day so memorable – Thank You