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: Personal Stylists Must Have Party Dress 2012 !

Personal Stylists Must Have Party Dress 2012 !

05 Nov

As a personal stylist and designer I  have the pleasure of making people look and feel great everyday.. So for that one evening every year I’m coming to the rescue to help solve that dreaded shopping day.

It’s the time of year we all get excited about having a few free drinks and waking up with the most amazing hang over, but we all know last years dress won’t cut it.

So ladies start saving those pennies so you’ll look like the bell of ball and wont regret any Facebook tags in years to come.

Over the next few days I’ll be internet shopping just for you and each day will feature a dress for a different body shape.

Don’t worry guys there will be something for you too !

 This first image consultant blog is for those fabulous HOUR GLASS SHAPES.

If you have an ample bust size , your waist line goes in under your bust and you have hips, you are an hour glass.

With this shape its all about showing off what you have instead of hiding it away as this will only make you look larger..

No matter what shape you are do not leave the house in a party dress without your SPANX  as this will give a smooth finish over your dress line and show off your shape to its full potential.

Dresses with a cinched in waist detail, pencil or a-line dresses work for your shape as well as long line dresses ( beware of the maxi if you are petite). Sparkle and cut out style dresses around the waist line are also ideal for you.

These are only a few dresses I have selected form the highstreet but if you have any styles and would like to share them with others email info@stylizers.co.uk and it’ll be featured on the blog, FB and Twitter!

Stylizer personal stylists/ image consultants always here to help with any fashion dilemma!



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