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: Personal Styling for Men & Personal Styling for Women

Personal Styling for Men & Personal Styling for Women

02 Mar

At Stylizers we pride ourselves on really ensuring our clients have the best experience . Part of that experience is to be able to shop confidently when the stylist has left. Our stylists not only style but give you vital knowledge about fashion , colour and your body shape.

All of the Stylizer clients  receive a full detailed style guide.

Many of our clients have felt that the Stylizer style guide has helped change their outlook on fashion and personal style for not months but years.

‘Its something I can look at any time I need to be reminded about what I should and should not be wearing’. John : Glasgow.

What is a Stylizer style guide?

Its a detailed document put together and emailed to all clients on a PDF format which consists of colour information , body shape , clothing shape information and outfits styled for the clients . Each guide is tailor made for the client.


Below are some examples of the style guide you can expect to receive if you book a personal shopping service with Stylizers.



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