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: Fashion & Food with the Fabulous Gizzi Erskine

Fashion & Food with the Fabulous Gizzi Erskine

15 Oct

I recently had the pleasure of meeting someone I’ve been following on Twitter for a while. Most of you might know I have a fondness for all things 1950s and when I discovered this lady I was very excited.

So let’s set the scene a little..

 The location of where this fabulous interview took place was at the Triumph pop up shop in Covent Garden. I was invited to the launch party to view their latest collection and to celebrate their designs from for past decades.  While at the party I happened to meet the new creative director for Triumph Sian Thomas, a lady with a love for colour and print such as myself. Only recently appointed to the role we had a great discussion on the importance of wearing matching bras and knickers, something very dear to my heart! I have to admit with this lady in creative control they really will turn more heads.

A few days after the launch party I made my way back to the Triumph pop up shop to meet the very gorgeous and talented Gizzi Erskine who is an ambassador and mentor for the exciting creative’s campaign.

Having missed her cooking session I was just on time to hear how she started and why she does what she does so well.

While listening to Gizzi talk you can truly hear her passion for food how she has become so successful.

Her passion for food began at the age of 12 and with many more years of hard work and determination she gained at a place at the highly regarded Leith’s cooking school .

As well as attending such a prestigious school she has also grafted her way in many kitchens included Heston Blumenthal and Gary Rhodes putting menus together and learning from the best.  Gizzi certainly isn’t someone who has been handed a silver spoon, she has worked hard, serious 9 – 5 and beyond to the extent she passed out so hard. It was then she was taken under the wing of Caroline Waldergrave who became a mentor figure and offered her the motivation and emotional support needed to taking her next steps to becoming who she is today. Which is one of the reasons she jumped at this opportunity to mentor other creative’s.

Gizzi wants more than just people to enjoy her food she wants to bring people together to create an experience a new way of eating which is why she has had a succession of pop up ventures in East London which combine music, fashion, art and food, bringing together a whole wealth of talent and people.

One thing she has learnt throughout this whole journey is to be true to who you are.  Coming from someone who has experienced many knock backs and being told to ‘dump herself down’ by the well known Ch 4.  This all made her realise who she really wanted to become. With a little help from her stylist Sinead Mckeefry they have come up with a truly stylishly sexy and confident image inspired which reflects Gizzi’s persona.

Gizzi not only has style , passion for her craft , creative flair and a business mind she is also a true inspiration to those who have a dream, a mentor  and a believer .

She left us with these words to inspire others.

‘Have conviction, always be yourself. A goal without a plan is just a wish’.

Fear not ladies she is human.  As I can confirm her indulgence is good fried chicken, American baking and chocolate.

So what’s next for Gizzi ..  More TV , Christmas pop up events , promoting her book ‘Gizzie’s magic kitchen’ and resting with her close friends and family.  I think she deserves a good rest don’t you…

This is one girl I would be happy to have a glass of wine with on a Friday night !  Keep up the good work Gizzi !! xx

Watch Gizzi behind the scenes at Triumph

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