Why Stylizers, and not any other Style/Image Consultant ?

All our Stylizers have a high level of fashion knowledge so that they can instantly assess what suits you.
The Stylizer team is very easy going and makes every shopping experience enjoyable at all times. The service is of the highest quality and the day does not finish when you leave each other. At Stylizers, we want everyone to be Stylized, so we will travel anywhere within the UK just for you.

Tell me about your stylists…

The Stylizer team have all worked within Fashion for over 10 years and have a wealth of experience within all fields. From styling on X Factor to Celebrity clients , working with large corporate companies and fashion brands such as House of Fraser, Hobbs, Samsung , BBC and many more.

All of our stylists have studied fashion or beauty  to a degree level and have long standing reputations within the industry as accredited and established stylists.

If you have been styled by a Stylizer before you are welcome to have the same stylist again!

I’m not close to a major city. Can I still be Stylized?

Yes, anywhere and anything is possible with Stylizers. We’ll research to find the best and nearest city that is convenient for you.

I prefer high street stores to designer labels. Can I be Stylized ?

At Stylizers we want you to be happy, that’s why all our Stylizers can shop to any budget to transform your image.

I’m looking for a party dress and would also like some guidance for a Wedding dress in a few months. How much notice do I have to give before the shopping day?

For any shopping package for men and women, including promotional deals, we ask for a minimum of 1 weeks notice.
For Weddings, we ask you to give us at least 3 months notice before the big day. This is to save disappointment, so we can find that perfect dress for your special day.

How do I Pay?

We ask for a small deposit before the shopping day / package , must be paid 1 week before your shopping trip.*

  1. You can pay either by credit / Debit card over the phone
  2. You can pay via Paypal once an invoice has been generated from our system
  3. Larger payments can be paid in directly by bank transfer
  4. Lastly you can pay by cheque , but we ask for this to be sent to us 2 weeks before your booking.

What should I set aside for a shopping budget?

Any budget can be used to transform your image. We aim to educate our clients, to show you what suits you, without the pressure of spending hundreds.

I really want this to be done as low key as possible. Can this be done?

At Stylizers, we can cater for anyone and everyone. To help you feel more at ease, we can offer:

A Style consultation on the weekend, after which the Stylizer will go out and shop for your new image whilst you get on with your day.
We could meet you in another city of your choice.
We can do the Style consultation within your home and shop for all your must-haves in another city centre.

I’m not a super skinny size 8. Can the Stylizers still help me?

There is such a great choice of shops now for plus sizes. All our customers range from sizes 6-22+. Our Stylizers are trained to find the perfect outfit regardless of size.

I’d like to have a Stylizer look through my wardrobe but I feel too embarrassed to show her what I’ve got.

All our Stylizers are here to help and not to judge. Old clothes can be rejuvenated and updated with the help of a Stylizer. This is a very valuable part of the day, as many clients are surprised to see how many complete outfits can be put together, without the need to even venture out!

Deposit and cancellation

A small deposit shall need to be sent to Stylizers before your shopping date to hold onto your agreed date.
Once we receive your deposit, this shall be non-refundable, unless cancellation is made 10 days prior to your booking. If cancellation is made less the 10 days to your agreed date, then the deposit shall become non-refundable.
If you choose to cancel you shopping date and arrange another date, we shall need at least 10 days notice. Then we shall arrange another suitable date for you and your deposit shall be used for this date.
All deposits shall be taken from your total balance

Additional costs ?

All costs on our website are final, but additional costs may be added for travelling outside London.

Where do you take your clients shopping?

Your stylist will access what you need during your consultations and work with your lifestyle, personality and budget. Don’t worry you are not forces to buy anything you don’t want!

Do you take men shopping as well?

All our packages are for men and women of all ages

I have a disability and cannot walk fast can you still help me?

Yes we work with all clients regardless of any disability and will ensure you are comfortable at all times with places which have seating or cater to your needs.

Do you work on commission with shops?