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: Davids Bridal Launching in London’s Westfield Stratford Shopping Centre

Davids Bridal Launching in London’s Westfield Stratford Shopping Centre

12 Aug

The Bridal Shake UP!!! 

The UK is about to have a very big surprise .. While they’ve been fighting over the high street with day to day fashion someone new has just come through the back door shake up the UK’s bridal industry!

We are so so excited about the Launch of Davids Bridal about to open in London’s Wesfield Shopping Centre.

What makes Davids Bridal so different?

The quality and the prices is the answer. As someone who is looking at wedding dresses currently and with many friends in the same boat you realise how expensive it really is.

I’m lucky enough to be working with them on a few exciting projects so have seen first hand how beautiful the shop is going to look. Combining this with the top staff and amazing training each person will really feel like they have stepped into any high end bridal shop in London’s Knightsbridge.

The shop will not only be selling bridal gowns but will also be a one stop shop for bridesmaids and all the accessories you need to finish your special outfit.

Attention to detail in the dresses is really outstanding and prices are even more unbelievable. Prices start from as little as £200 and you’ll be able to find sizes 4 – 22. If you need any adjustments there is also an on-site alterations team!

Ohh and did I mention they’ll be selling Vera Wang dresses from £1000.

So get ready people.. Davids Bridal is about to open this September 3rd !

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