Personal Styling and Makeovers for Christmas

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Christmas Stylizer Personal Stylists


Christmas is nearly upon us and we want you to give your loved ones the best present possible.

On offer from the 27th November  2014 until the 10th January 2015 we are offering a fantastic £10 off each package, FREE gift voucher and postage before Christmas.

Book from one of our many services ;

Wardrobe consultations

Personal Shopping and Styling Days from as little as £180.00

Total Make Over Sessions

Feel free to contact us for more information !

Stylizer Christmas  2014 1a

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Personal Styling for Men & Personal Styling for Women

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At Stylizers we pride ourselves on really ensuring our clients have the best experience . Part of that experience is to be able to shop confidently when the stylist has left. Our stylists not only style but give you vital knowledge about fashion , colour and your body shape.

All of the Stylizer clients  receive a full detailed style guide.

Many of our clients have felt that the Stylizer style guide has helped change their outlook on fashion and personal style for not months but years.

‘Its something I can look at any time I need to be reminded about what I should and should not be wearing’. John : Glasgow.

What is a Stylizer style guide?

Its a detailed document put together and emailed to all clients on a PDF format which consists of colour information , body shape , clothing shape information and outfits styled for the clients . Each guide is tailor made for the client.


Below are some examples of the style guide you can expect to receive if you book a personal shopping service with Stylizers.



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Fashion & Food with the Fabulous Gizzi Erskine

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I recently had the pleasure of meeting someone I’ve been following on Twitter for a while. Most of you might know I have a fondness for all things 1950s and when I discovered this lady I was very excited.

So let’s set the scene a little..

 The location of where this fabulous interview took place was at the Triumph pop up shop in Covent Garden. I was invited to the launch party to view their latest collection and to celebrate their designs from for past decades.  While at the party I happened to meet the new creative director for Triumph Sian Thomas, a lady with a love for colour and print such as myself. Only recently appointed to the role we had a great discussion on the importance of wearing matching bras and knickers, something very dear to my heart! I have to admit with this lady in creative control they really will turn more heads.

A few days after the launch party I made my way back to the Triumph pop up shop to meet the very gorgeous and talented Gizzi Erskine who is an ambassador and mentor for the exciting creative’s campaign.

Having missed her cooking session I was just on time to hear how she started and why she does what she does so well.

While listening to Gizzi talk you can truly hear her passion for food how she has become so successful.

Her passion for food began at the age of 12 and with many more years of hard work and determination she gained at a place at the highly regarded Leith’s cooking school .

As well as attending such a prestigious school she has also grafted her way in many kitchens included Heston Blumenthal and Gary Rhodes putting menus together and learning from the best.  Gizzi certainly isn’t someone who has been handed a silver spoon, she has worked hard, serious 9 – 5 and beyond to the extent she passed out so hard. It was then she was taken under the wing of Caroline Waldergrave who became a mentor figure and offered her the motivation and emotional support needed to taking her next steps to becoming who she is today. Which is one of the reasons she jumped at this opportunity to mentor other creative’s.

Gizzi wants more than just people to enjoy her food she wants to bring people together to create an experience a new way of eating which is why she has had a succession of pop up ventures in East London which combine music, fashion, art and food, bringing together a whole wealth of talent and people.

One thing she has learnt throughout this whole journey is to be true to who you are.  Coming from someone who has experienced many knock backs and being told to ‘dump herself down’ by the well known Ch 4.  This all made her realise who she really wanted to become. With a little help from her stylist Sinead Mckeefry they have come up with a truly stylishly sexy and confident image inspired which reflects Gizzi’s persona.

Gizzi not only has style , passion for her craft , creative flair and a business mind she is also a true inspiration to those who have a dream, a mentor  and a believer .

She left us with these words to inspire others.

‘Have conviction, always be yourself. A goal without a plan is just a wish’.

Fear not ladies she is human.  As I can confirm her indulgence is good fried chicken, American baking and chocolate.

So what’s next for Gizzi ..  More TV , Christmas pop up events , promoting her book ‘Gizzie’s magic kitchen’ and resting with her close friends and family.  I think she deserves a good rest don’t you…

This is one girl I would be happy to have a glass of wine with on a Friday night !  Keep up the good work Gizzi !! xx

Watch Gizzi behind the scenes at Triumph

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Davids Bridal Launching in London’s Westfield Stratford Shopping Centre

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The Bridal Shake UP!!! 

The UK is about to have a very big surprise .. While they’ve been fighting over the high street with day to day fashion someone new has just come through the back door shake up the UK’s bridal industry!

We are so so excited about the Launch of Davids Bridal about to open in London’s Wesfield Shopping Centre.

What makes Davids Bridal so different?

The quality and the prices is the answer. As someone who is looking at wedding dresses currently and with many friends in the same boat you realise how expensive it really is.

I’m lucky enough to be working with them on a few exciting projects so have seen first hand how beautiful the shop is going to look. Combining this with the top staff and amazing training each person will really feel like they have stepped into any high end bridal shop in London’s Knightsbridge.

The shop will not only be selling bridal gowns but will also be a one stop shop for bridesmaids and all the accessories you need to finish your special outfit.

Attention to detail in the dresses is really outstanding and prices are even more unbelievable. Prices start from as little as £200 and you’ll be able to find sizes 4 – 22. If you need any adjustments there is also an on-site alterations team!

Ohh and did I mention they’ll be selling Vera Wang dresses from £1000.

So get ready people.. Davids Bridal is about to open this September 3rd !

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Personal Styling Summer Event 2013

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Stylizer Founder Ronke Fashola was busy on stage giving live fashion advice for the Summer season.

The Stylizer team we busy giving personal styling advice and booking personal shopping services for shoppers at the Eden Shopping Centre in High Wycombe. The shoppers also experienced a fashion show between Ronke’s fashion advice sections.

Layer your outfit to add colour and texture.

Stylish festival look 1 !

Here are 2 key looks for you to try this Spring Summer..


Grey dress, shoes and hat are all from M&S.

Green jumper – House of Fraser (Label Lab)

Necklaces – Next

  City  meets Country look 2!

We love this sophisticated colour block outfit.. Its stylish with colour and and print  and can be mixed and matched with classic blue jeans for a more toned down look.


Jeans and Shoes : Marks and Spensers

Jacket ; House of Fraser (AWEAR)

Shirt ; House of Fraser (Dickens and Jones)

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Secrets to Layering Part 1

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Spring is almost upon us so what is the best way to stay warm , look cool and stop boiling up when you go into shops and restaurants?

The secret is layering and this is something which is on many clients lists when they come to see a Stylizer Stylist.

Layering  not only adds depth but is also a way of adding texture and colours throughout your look. It’s a more creative way of putting your outfit together and hence you can create more interesting and original looks.

Layered Outfit

It’s easy to just take a top off the rail and wear it but if you wear a layer underneath, then put a cardigan over and a belt round it before finishing with a necklace or scarf – suddenly you’ve added a personal touch and made the top your own whilst creating a much more stylish layered outfit (not to mention a warmer one).

Layering Outfit

Investing in a wardrobe of layers

Many of my clients express a desire to make their look more stylish and interesting but often confess they struggle to know how to layer an outfit. I always encourage them to focus on developing a broad collection of layers – think of them as an extension of your accessories wardrobe.

For example, I recommend investing in the following:

  • numerous types of base layering tops (e.g. long, 3/4 or elbow length sleeved tops; vest tops; blouses and shirts)
  • various styles of necklines (e.g. scoop-, square-, crew- and roll-neck, collared)
  • several interesting colours (the majority should be in colourful accent shades rather than just plain neutral ones)
  • varying thickness to suit the climate
  • different fabrics and textures (e.g. cotton, wool, silk, satin, velvet, denim, cordroy, leather etc.)
  • innumerable layers to wear over tops (e.g. jumpers, tank tops, waistcoats and the most versatile of all cardigans)
  • many options for legwear (e.g. leggings, jeggings, skinny jeans, thick tights, knee length socks)
  • a few stylish outerwear items for when you head out (e.g. blazers, gilets, hoodies, leather jackets)
  • plenty of colourful accessories to finish the look (e.g. scarves, necklaces, belts, broaches)

 I also love to layer my tights (one colourful plain pair peaking through a knitted crocheted pair) and finished off with a scarf. Not only do the layers add maximum warmth they also dress down the overall outfit creating an alternative look.

Layering Outfit

There are particular brands that are great for layering tops, such as Wolford, Mint Velvet, COS, All Saints, Uniqlo, Zara, GAP and H&M.

A few rules

Now in theory a layered outfit should have an air of effortless style, like you’ve just thrown it together with little thought or precision. However for many (at least at the beginning), I recommend you follow a few rules and adopt a more deliberate approach.

Layering Outfit

Here are a few tips to ensure you don’t get into trouble:

  • Keep your base layer fine, providing a smooth line underneath
  • Ensure your base layer is in some way visible (otherwise it defeats the point) – whether it be a visible collar, cuff, or a longer hemline
  • Avoid clashing necklines, if the item your layering has a low neckline opt either for a base layer with a lower scooped neckline that’s invisible or a roll-neck which equally won’t interfere  alternatively if the neckline is plain opt for a collared layer to wear under. Equally make sure the layer over the top works with the neckline.
  • Limit the number of layers to approx 3-4 (and be sure to keep them fine if you have a fuller shape)
  • Try to add at least 1-2 contrasting colourful layers to the outfit, however I don’t recommend this for all four layers at the very least opt for tonally similar shades (i.e. teal, turquoise, aqua and mint)
  • The trend recently has been to wear clashing patterns, however for the average wardrobe I would say one patterned layer will work best – easier and timeless
  • Incorporate a variety of fabrics and textures in a single layered outfit to add interest and richness to the look
  • Ensure different fabric finishes complement the overall look and suit the occasion (i.e. for dressier outfits perhaps choose a sheer or lace layering top, rather than a basic t-shirt fabric top – which on another occasion could dress down the dress for a daytime look)
Our Stylizer Wardrobe Revamp is the ideal service to make all of your layering ideas come true.


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Oscars Best Dressed

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OSCARS 2013 Best Dressed

It only feels like yesterday we were gushing over the 2012 outfits Oscars…

Last night we stayed up late into the early hours to see first hand what the 2013 Oscars ceremony hand in store for us in cold Britain.

It was truly a night of playing it safe but there were plenty of beautiful dresses to drawl over.

There were so many amazing outfits to choose from but we’ve selected our top outfits and 1 best dressed couple.


Making a statement on the red carpet had to be  Naomi Watts & Halle Barry.. Truly stunning !

Lets face it when you wear that much sparkle you don’t have to worry about too much jewellery..


Best Dressed Couple 

Ben Affleck and wife Jennifer Garner Gucci

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Personal Stylists Must Have Party Dress 2012 !

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As a personal stylist and designer I  have the pleasure of making people look and feel great everyday.. So for that one evening every year I’m coming to the rescue to help solve that dreaded shopping day.

It’s the time of year we all get excited about having a few free drinks and waking up with the most amazing hang over, but we all know last years dress won’t cut it.

So ladies start saving those pennies so you’ll look like the bell of ball and wont regret any Facebook tags in years to come.

Over the next few days I’ll be internet shopping just for you and each day will feature a dress for a different body shape.

Don’t worry guys there will be something for you too !

 This first image consultant blog is for those fabulous HOUR GLASS SHAPES.

If you have an ample bust size , your waist line goes in under your bust and you have hips, you are an hour glass.

With this shape its all about showing off what you have instead of hiding it away as this will only make you look larger..

No matter what shape you are do not leave the house in a party dress without your SPANX  as this will give a smooth finish over your dress line and show off your shape to its full potential.

Dresses with a cinched in waist detail, pencil or a-line dresses work for your shape as well as long line dresses ( beware of the maxi if you are petite). Sparkle and cut out style dresses around the waist line are also ideal for you.

These are only a few dresses I have selected form the highstreet but if you have any styles and would like to share them with others email info@stylizers.co.uk and it’ll be featured on the blog, FB and Twitter!

Stylizer personal stylists/ image consultants always here to help with any fashion dilemma!



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